Dr. Oneeka Williams discusses her “Hidden Figures” experience and Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo’s role in helping girls believe that “Not Even the Sky is the Limit”

Similar to the women in the movie “Hidden Figures” (the story of three African-American female mathematicians at NASA in the 1960’s), Dr. Williams had to break down barriers and confront stereo-types on her journey to becoming a Urologic Surgeon. Dr. Williams knew that she wanted to become a medical doctor at an early age.  However, … Read more

Dr. Oneeka Williams Receives 2016 EVkids Youth Champion Award

The Youth Champion Award recognizes local leaders in Massachusetts whose words and deeds prove their commitment to lifting up the youth of the community. Past honorees include the late Boston Mayor Tom Menino and former Gov. Deval Patrick. Dr. Williams spoke about ‘Finding Your Inner Super Hero’ and said that she “created Dr. Dee Dee … Read more