The 5 Habits of Positivity...

There Is Always A Solution, Work To Find It

No matter what the problem is or how impossible the situation may seem, there is always a way around it, above it, beneath it, or through it to finding the solution.


Consider every challenge, frustration, or “impossibility” as an opportunity to learn more, develop more, prepare more, persist more, or become more empowered as you creatively discover a new approach or perspective.


Turn complaining into celebration, anger into joy, and frustration into peace by intentionally releasing the negatives that take away from you, and instead, embrace the positive.


When you focus on what you can give, rather than you can get, your life is more fulfilled and meaningful.


To believe is to begin. When you focus on gratitude, all that you don’t have begins to fade away and you open yourself up to what becomes possible.



What do you get when you combine a science teacher with a journalist? A surgeon who writes poetry and children’s books… Dr. Oneeka Williams.

My childhood was filled with the joys of discovery and exploration as my science teacher Mom took every opportunity to expose us to the wonders of science.  On the other hand my Dad shared his passion for writing and I grew up writing poetry for every occasion including birthdays, holidays and family reunions.  I still have fond memories of an essay competition that my twin brother and I entered on ‘Windows to the Sea’ which was designed to highlight the overdevelopment of the Barbados beachfront.  We each wrote our essays independently but when our teacher looked at them, they complemented each other so well that we combined them into one essay and won the competition.

Growing up in the tropics was an incredible experience.  I appreciate it now even more, as my husband and I raise our son in the cold New England winters.  Every year we ask ourselves the same question, why are we still here? My Dad dug a fishpond for us in the backyard of our home in Guyana and we fished almost every weekend.  Ever so often we would catch an eel that had snuck into the pond from the neighboring alley to feast on our fish and this was always accompanied by much excitement.  There was always adventure and exploration.

I love science and always knew I wanted to be a doctor.  I even performed minor surgery as early as age 12 when one of my classmates ripped her earring out of her ear lobe and I came to the rescue.

My journey took me first to Johns Hopkins University, ‘the pre-med capitol’. I then went to Harvard Medical School, followed by Massachusetts General Hospital and Lahey Clinic for surgical training.  All along the way my creative outlet continued to be writing and interior design. I love painting, remodeling, renovating, upholstering furniture and landscaping.

I have always participated in various community volunteer programs with young people.  One weekend, as I was cutting into cow hearts at a girl’s science club activity and finding engaging ways to present the physiology, it occurred to me that I wanted to write books that would share my love for science and medicine.  I was inspired by my Mom who has written several science texts.

Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo is truly the embodiment of everything I hold dear.  She is caring, dynamic, energetic, positive, powerful, spunky and believes that she can do anything. She heals with her hands, brings surgery and science together and loves her family.  To read and find out more about Dr. Oneeka Williams please visit her website at