Dr. Oneeka Williams featured in the Fall 2016 Museum of Science Magazine

Dr. Oneeka Williams joins the Board of Overseers at Boston’s Museum of Science and is featured in the Fall 2016 Museum of Science Magazine.

The Museum of Science Vision that “everyone has a role to play in the world of science and technology – as learners, as future scientists or engineers, as citizens of our nation, as community leaders and members of the workforce, as consumers, and as stewards of our planet” so resonates with Dr. Williams that when she was asked to be on the Board of Overseers, her immediate response was yes.

Her feature in the Fall 2016 Museum of Science Magazine presents a model for getting children engaged and excited about science at an early age – “Embedding the Medicine in the Brownie”.

Dr. Williams writes, “I contend that one very effective way of connecting kids to science early, is to embed science in a storytelling narrative. This achieves several objectives. It links reading as the foundation of expanding horizons. It underscores the importance of early reading as a mechanism to build tools of scientific literacy – critical thinking, integrated learning and processing.“

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